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New App! Square Fee Calculator

I recently signed up for the Square service to accept credit cards on my iPhone. They have two different ways of charging fees: 2.75% per transaction when you swipe the card using their reader or 3.5% + %0.15 per transaction if you enter the card number manually. Since I've already written mobile fee calculators for both PayPal and Etsy, I decided to use the same code and make one for Square. All 3 are designed to fit perfectly on an iPhone screen and since they are very lightweight, they run pretty quick. If you use any of these services, these calculators will come in very handy!

PayPal Fee Calculator
Etsy Fee Calculator
Square Fee Calculator

  • Thanks for making this! Given that it’s been here for almost 4 years. I’m sure it has helped thousands of people.

    I see you did it in JavaScript I’m a growing developer I might take a shot at making these in Java or even a Android App. If I do those projects I’ll be sure to link back to you for credit.

  • Connor

    The Swipe and Manual buttons (I’m assuming they’re supposed to be buttons) for the square calculator don’t seem to be working.

  • Mathias Bjorkman

    I was trying to replicate it on a excel speadsheet but it seems to be drifting/loosing about 8 cents per 100 dollars, any idea why it would do that?

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